Version 6.3.x

This page contains the logs of minor releases between 6.3 and 6.4.

Version 6.3.6

PRO edition, released on June 7, 2019


  • the styling of the "More comments" button in the Comments widget
  • export text with bold styling
  • a regression in the keepViews behavior in MultiView/TabView
  • the user can move focus behind modal/disabled layers

Version 6.3.5

PRO edition, released on May 30, 2019


  • unbind doesn't work during the component replacement
  • destroying component while it is a part of animation may result in an error
  • adjusting columns in Datatable may provide a slightly bigger size than it's necessary
  • Slider handler can stick to mouse after the right click
  • disabling scroll for already created Datatable doesn't work in some cases
  • using moveUp on the topmost item in the List, result in moving the item to the last position
  • drag-n-drop of the Colorboard item can result in the JS error
  • regression in the styling of the PDFViewer's toolbar
  • using importData for importing data from other components results in complex side effect
  • incorrect styling of the widgets after adding them to Multiview through addView

Query Builder Fixes

  • incorrect sizing when filtering and sorting modes are used at the same time
  • incorrect sizing when columnMode is used and QueryBuilder is a filter in a Datatable
  • QueryBuilder lost state on refresh when used as a filter in a Datatable
  • regression in the validate API

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • incorrect export to Excel for values with percent based formatting

Version 6.3.4

PRO edition, released on May 23, 2019


  • horizontal auto-scroll in data components during drag-n-drop
  • not-expected click events in a disabled view with a progress bar
  • email validation allows some incorrect email patterns
  • Rangeslider doesn't work if min and max set to maximum value
  • when editing a visible row, scroll sometimes shifts a bit
  • custom scroll can break after resizing a window widget
  • dateformat in strict mode breaks on empty and string values
  • autowidth calculation of Button ignores minWidth and maxWidth values

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • incorrect value after deleting negative number on zero
  • edit hotkeys are still active in readonly mode
  • style formatting hotkeys are broken if main toolbar is not visible
  • file import wizard ignores excel files with an uppercase extension

Version 6.3.3

PRO edition, released on May 16, 2019


  • double rendering items in Tree when using dynamic sync loading
  • incorect size of the overlay on the top of the Chart
  • incorrect resize behavior for Windows
  • incorrect position of the last line editor when a prerendering mode is enabled for Datatable
  • export Chart to pdf doesn't work in IE
  • incorrect rendering of an empty Pager
  • incorrect behavior in responsive Layout in some cases
  • onValueSuggest doesn't occur on item checking in Multicombo widget
  • regression in export for Datatable with multiselect filter
  • regression in using the addView method of MultiView

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • header corner styling affects other Datatables on the page

Version 6.3.2

PRO and GPL editions, released on May 2, 2019


  • incorrect border for Window header
  • incorrect styling of buttons in specific cases
  • missed focus in the Comments widget after mentioning a user
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