Version 1.0.2

New functionality

  • getText method for datatable
  • lineMaxLimit parameter that cuts a line in "non-item" position
  • ui.fullScreen solution for FF
  • default size of resizer changed
  • xml parse can recognize arrays
  • addView adds to the end of layout if index was not defined
  • skin updates, important flags removed where possible
  • CSRF key now sent through HTTP headers


  • IE ignores hotkeys
  • IE8 doesn't generated dblClick events
  • IE8 sets invalid value after changing cell value with select editor
  • minWidth and maxWidth settings from xml
  • loading tree-like data from XML
  • datatable do not allow to define order of columns during export to PDF and Excel
  • incorrect remove action for local and session storage
  • regression in layout rendering when views are added through addView
  • dataprocessor and id change during binding
  • label align in segmented button
  • incorrect in-layout positions after showBatch call
  • invalid animations in FF and Chrome
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