Version 7.4

released on July 7, 2020

See also What's New of complex widgets:

New Features



  • correct click events and drag-n-drop for Dataview tiles
  • popup position for Multicombo with top popup alignment
  • rendering of Richselect-based filters in IE11
  • rendering sorting markers for multiple Datatables
  • ability to programmatically put focus into Comments widget
  • CheckSuggest editor closes upon item selection
  • export to PDF cannot output widgets with different "display" modes
  • export to PNG fails while resolving promise in IE11
  • Comments: scrolling to the bottom of the list after sending a message
  • Context Menu arrow color in Contrast skin
  • keeping selection for a synced view after parsing
  • way of Multicombo tag rendering
  • parsing data with same-name sheets in Excelviewer
  • auto height detection for Datatable subrows
  • Ctrl+mouse wheel over Datatable should zoom the page
  • radar/donut chart inner background in Contrast skin
  • scroll for Textarea on touch devices
  • tooltip for inputs with top label
  • Counter with a decimal step
  • header height for multiple Datatable columns
  • header autoheight is calculated incorrectly
  • right mouse clicks inside a Popup cause its hiding
  • non-unique data IDs during grouping
  • incorrect paddings during adding/removing of hidden views
  • keep edited data during Excelviewer export
  • keyboard pops up when selecting item with clipboard set
  • remove legacy srcElement prop
  • date parsing for special characters
  • ExcelViewer export to Excel: correct sheet names
  • regression with exporting Charts to PDF in image mode
  • export of Excelviewer tabs with styles
  • adjust Datatable cell editor to spanned cells
  • incorrect scheme extending for Comments widget
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