Version 5.0

released on September 26, 2017

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • The functionality of the DataTable hideColumn API was modified.
  • The title of the Slider control becomes movable by default.

Check the Migration Guide for more details.

New Features



  • Submenu hides when mouse is pointed over the scroll area
  • getInputNode for checkbox to return the real node
  • Multiselect and Multicombo cannot accept numeric values
  • ability to add tooltip to Segmented parts in FF, Safari
  • Datatable doesn't show tooltip in column selection mode
  • make Datatable header valid for HTML validators
  • scroll jumping after .clearAll() call in DataTable
  • topSplit and custom row height in DataTable
  • changeId against tree-collection in the filtered state
  • RichText getValue() in IE
  • MultiCombo keepText for keyboard and mouse click
  • regression in synced Tree open state preserving
  • adding items without id to the filtered treestore
  • invalid focus after navigation in the Multitext control
  • RichSelect doesn't set its value with keyboard navigation
  • ignoring $-starting columns for autoConfig in DataTable
  • active area detection in Chart
  • updating of a Multitext control with a new value
  • behavior of the rawValues flag for the toExcel operation
  • regression in native scrolling on iOS devices
  • Multicombo issues with new values
  • adjust row height by any column fails for TreeTable
  • areaselection in DataTable cannot be adjusted after being added by api
  • onChange in Combo fires two times
  • correct dirty state in Toolbar after adding new element to the form
  • automatic scale for big values with small dispersion in Chart
  • negative values in stacked bar and pie Charts
  • attaching MultiSuggest to inputs
  • getHeaderNode fails for DataTable in MultiView
  • linkInput for MultiSuggest widgets
  • single-row repainting for freezeRow mode in DataTable
  • getHeaderNode fails for DataTable in MultiView
  • split cells overlap $row in DataTable
  • editable selectors issue extra onChange during key navigation
  • Combo issues are unneeded onChange during key navigation
  • DataTable x-scroll is incorrect after animated paging
  • Tabbar option from a Popup list is not shown on setting the related value
  • adjust master height to subview height in DataTable
  • RichText and DblList fail in an isolated scope
  • bug in Android and isMobile detection
  • mapselection for areaselect in DataTable doesn't change value
  • modal Window sets overflow visible after hiding regardless of the prev. value
  • DataTable column from a hidden span can be shown by user action
  • print css typo
  • ColorPicker/ColorBoard with undefined initial value
  • performance of clipboard operations
  • inputs lose focus when an input icon is clicked
  • correct scenario for removing the last MultiView cell
  • changeid for top Tree items does not work
  • UnitList auto height doesn't include unit headers
  • DataTable adjustRowHeight without column id fails to process the last row
  • incorrect DataTable footer printing
  • DataTable rotated header is not kept during printing
  • regression in hideColumn functionality in DataTable
  • printing of canvas-based components
  • autoheight for a hidden template
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