Version 1.6

Breaking changes in DataProcessor

Parameters of onBeforeSync, onAfterSync was changed
onError event replaced with two new events - onBeforeSaveError and onAfterSaveError

Improved support for mobile devices

  • win8 touch support
  • drag-n-drop on touch devices

Improvements in Server side integrations

  • full support of REST API
  • data in components can be updated from server side
  • client side code can't be broken by server side errors anymore
  • ability to set custom headers for server side calls

UI components

  • better memory cleaning after component destruction
  • improved API for complex forms

Full list of changes and fixes

New functionality

  • multiview.config.fitBiggest option
  • win8 touch support
  • drag-n-drop on touch devices
  • columns.options accepts url of data feed
  • combo and richselect: setting value on list load
  • datastore importData
  • getDirtyValues and getCleanValues methods
  • getFormView
  • live edit functionality
  • locate method for chart (required for dblclick event handling)
  • math operations in treetable
  • onBeforeAjax event
  • onBeforeDateSelect/onAfterDateSelect events to calendar
  • onColumnResize and onRowResize events
  • relatedView and relatedAction attributes
  • required and validateEvent attributes for form elements
  • sort:"server" in datatable
  • unbind and unsync, correct destruction of synced and bound elements

Updated functionality

  • disabled tap iOS7 highlighting
  • addCss and removeCss attempts to set styles directly in DOM without full repainting
  • error handling by dataprocessor, better support of REST mode
  • "move" command attempts to make changes directly in DOM without full repainting
  • special handling for drag-n-drop in case of mobile webkit
  • updating data in the client side component after saving
  • webix.env.mouse contains names of pointer events for current device
  • xml data feeds for suggests
  • all layout components can use events
  • destructor correctly removes the related views
  • function resolving can work with both "someMethod" and "someMethod()" notations
  • getColumnConfig returns config for hidden columns
  • setColumnWidth uses column id as parameter, not column index


  • branch deleting in dynamic loading mode fixed
  • config options and html template during parsing from html markup
  • data reordering in datatable in case of mobile webkit
  • destructed views not removed from auto-resize list
  • destructing suggest if a master control of this suggest is destructed
  • detection of Win Phones
  • disabled styling in case of labelPosition="top"
  • focus in inline editor after component repainting
  • inline editors and correct edit state in datatable
  • layout resizing on touch devices
  • min value for slider
  • scrollview doesn't adjust itself after inner content change in case of touch
  • styling of list during drag-n-drop
  • styling of row during drag-n-drop
  • tree editor position self incorrectly
  • webix.DragControl on touch devices
  • webix.html.pos in case of touch events
  • $scope not defined inside of window
  • adding borderless element to layout through addView results in the incorrect sizing
  • addView and removeView do not update elements collection for rich forms
  • after deleting view from the form its value still accessible through getValues
  • camelCase parameters during initialization from HTML
  • checkbox reacts on empty space clicks
  • clock icon
  • custom scroll and disabled areas
  • custom scroll doesn't react on addView command
  • custom scroll in suggest boxes
  • datatable blocks whole page mouse-wheel scroll
  • delete dataprocessor on master view destruction
  • dynamic loading for deep sub levels
  • elementsConfig doesn't work for nested Fieldset
  • empty text in combo input
  • Fieldset breaks parentView chain
  • form with scroll ignores height
  • getChildViews for Fieldset
  • getFormView throws an error for element outside of form
  • illegal comma removed
  • invalid behavior for movable window and position:center
  • invalid editor sizes after column or row resizing
  • isDirty doesn't work for the fresh form
  • isolate property and multiview
  • popup zIndex was not increased on show
  • regression in popup editors
  • regression in richselect related to after-loading value
  • regression in XML-XHTML data parsing
  • submenu that is not based on menu
  • unnecessary custom scroll in datatable
  • window sizing ignores min-width for the inner content
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