Version 6.4.x

This page contains the logs of minor releases between 6.4 and 7.0.

Version 6.4.2

PRO edition, released on July 18, 2019


  • the regression in the setValue API for Tabbar and Segmented button
  • the incorrect overflow styling for right labels in the Form controls
  • the non-perfect styling of the Checkbox editor in DataTable

Spreadsheet Updates

  • the default row height and the default column width can be configured for Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • hiding rows/columns for Spreadsheet with frozen rows/columns

Version 6.4.1

PRO edition, released on July 11, 2019


  • block selection is not rendered in the top-split area of Datatable
  • a multi-level menu doesn’t work on touch devices
  • an empty suggest box may throw a JS error on keyboard navigation
  • the Toggle view doesn't render HTML content correctly
  • a badge is not rendered for a zero value
  • a performance problem for keyboard navigation in Datatable
  • an incorrect header element in Calendar for the week sub scale
  • the non-optimal behavior of Colorpicker in the editable mode
  • a regression in handling of minDate in Calendar
  • the incorrect scale in Chart for very small values

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • Spreadsheet may render unnecessary sheet-tab controls
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