Version 4.3

released on April 26, 2017

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

Integration adapters for Angular, Backbone and JQuery are extracted from webix.js to separate repositories on GitHub. Check the Migration Guide for more details.

New Features



  • invalid message for several inputs in a row does not show
  • .clear call for Form with Uploader
  • calling sync second time in Datastore results in an error
  • global event handler leak in Tooltip
  • focus processing for ActiveContent elements
  • key navigation: shift+tab doesn't open previous editor
  • regression in object coping for sync operations in Datastore
  • using add in dynamic loading callback of tree-like views
  • removeView in isolated Layout
  • block selection in Datatable doesn't work on any page but first
  • IE9 compatibility for Ajax requests
  • regression in hidden layout sizing
  • incorrect onBlur behaviour with select controls
  • regression in handling multiple loading calls at once
  • tooltip position near view borders
  • context menu position near view borders
  • adjusting Datatable column width to rotated headers
  • adjust column width to headers in empty Datatable
  • UIManager cannot set focus after hiding/disabling/collapsing
  • unselect invisible Datatable items
  • sorting events for 'server' Datatable sorting
  • file downloading in Chrome on Mac
  • sync of TreeStore-s with filtering
  • labels in dynamic Chart
  • incorrent animation during fast clicking
  • resizing of Fieldset child views
  • Fieldset ignores fixed sizes without container
  • Chart animation inside of a hidden page
  • grouping "count" mode ignores missed values
  • Gage tries to process incorrect values
  • Richtext tries to apply operations if text is not selected
  • export of multiline data (strings with '< br >' element)
  • apply column format during Datatable export
  • export of multiline header to CSV
  • memory leak in Datastore destruction
  • destruction logic of resizer
  • setting fixed dimensions for Daterange
  • CSS for disabled image button
  • more precise compare of old and current values for editors
  • incorrect label for Calendar year view
  • validation rule processes emails with spaces incorrectly
  • Datatable richselectFilter has rendering issues in IE11
  • Datatable scroll logic will fire events if scroll was really changed
  • changes in Chinese locale
  • aria labels for editors fails in case of numeric value
  • hasEvents incorrectly detects mapped events
  • parameters of rest proxy and insert operations
  • PDF viewer renders pages of a non-existent PDF document
  • IE8 regression with webix inner events
  • check selection when sync is applied
  • consider empty values as equal for date controls
  • drag-n-drop in Datatable with colspans
  • regression in Suggest navigation
  • regression in DateRangepicker
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