Version 8.4

released on July 5, 2021

See also What's New of complex widgets:

New Features

  • New Diagram Editor widget
  • ability to perfrom audio and video calls in Chat via the calls property
  • ability to provide text inside the donut chart hole via the donutInnerText property



  • Datatable: block live validation for view-based editors
  • borderless fullscreen Window is not truly fullscreen
  • dropping multiple external items into Dashboard
  • Dashboard: impossible to select text inside inputs
  • labels for the Chinese locale
  • Datatable: hideColumn method regression with spans
  • incorrect braces and indents in file
  • undo for removing the last item in a Tree branch
  • modal boxes block keypress events
  • Counter: readonly mode is ignored on keydown
  • Timeboard in compact skin: colon mark size
  • Slider rendering in Compact skin
  • regression with Datatable filter background for Material and Mini skins
  • regression with Datatable column grouping
  • regression with Datatable column map
  • Datatable: sumColumn element throws an error with dynamic loading
  • editable Datepicker with "time" type modifies date after second value change
  • tabbar does not generate onChange event when 1st option is added
  • hiding modal windows can block ui
  • Datatable dropdown editors reset value when target cell is scrolled out
  • correct env.cdn address
  • Sidebar is initially resized via collapsed setter
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