Version 3.4

released on July 26, 2016

New Features



  • regression in the offline proxy
  • Richselect and Datepicker return a span with placeholder as gettext in case of no value
  • filtering and hidden columns in IE11
  • data export to ignore empty rows of a dynamically loaded set
  • regression in Tree data bind
  • reusing the same config for DataTable view
  • temporary fix for the sizing issues in Chrome
  • empty Multicombo returns undefined as a value
  • invalid calls for columnGroup helper objects (close triggers open, and vice versa)
  • hidden Combo
  • loading new data into an existent branch
  • creating export scheme with multiple headers/footers and extra columns
  • no-axis rendering in chart
  • SVG content: className is an object for svg
  • Chart legend
  • incorrect paging in the DataView
  • Datalayout and hierarchical components
  • setting next visible tab when the last tab is removed
  • keep master input focused after click in Suggest
  • keepViews and addView in Multiview
  • border-radius of ContextMenu
  • dynamic adding of nested items into a Tree
  • compressed lib and custom properties on data objects
  • getting child views of a submenu
  • check whether an item exists while locating item in a mouse event in DataTable
  • resizeColumn and dragColumn
  • show-hide header after DataTable initialization
  • refresh scroll state for a DataTable inside a portlet
  • adjusting sub-layouts in DataTable subviews
  • columnGroup feature and colspans
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