Version 1.9

Major new features

Full list of changes and fixes

New functionality

  • webix.onAjaxError event
  • ability to set default calendar sizes in skin
  • bind can be be used to add new item into collection
  • dayTemplate property
  • focus style for buttons in flat and compact skins
  • getHeaderNode method
  • hotkey for controls
  • menu links
  • refreshFilter API

Updated functionality

  • calendar sizes in touch skin
  • eachColumn for visible and all columns
  • eachRow and data each can loop through hidden elements
  • form.focus() will focus first focusable item in the form
  • strToDate will not break when incoming parameter is already a Date


  • async data loading in IE
  • better handling of server side sorting and server side filtering
  • data updates for checkbox in grid
  • drag-n-drop in treegrid on header
  • event for master checkbox
  • hidden column in datatable with colspans
  • incorrect work of date, combo, richselect editors
  • label height
  • labels reset
  • lint semicolon error fix
  • menu link width
  • next/prev toggle buttons
  • option width support
  • placeholder in datepicker
  • regression in reloading layout content with webix.ui
  • select editors in property
  • showColumn against initially hidden columns
  • sync webix.require without callback
  • validation css for non-input controls
  • webkit transitionEnd prefix (scroll was not disappeared in Chrome)
  • standalone pager
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