Version 4.0

released on September 27, 2016

Breaking Changes

  • The mechanism of loading PDF files into the PDFViewer component is modified. From version 4.0 PDF Viewer uses Webix data loader combined with "binary" proxy, which allows using standard loading events.
  • Tab navigation over Webix application is switched on by default. It cannot be controlled by UIManager any more.

Check the Migration Guide for more details.

New Features


  • PDF Viewer:
    • navigation and zooming on touch devices
    • scale property and ability to dynamically change it
    • Webix loading pattern via "binary" proxy
  • Export to PDF: ability to set a custom font file
  • urlData parameter for Uploader
  • MultiText allows customizing sub fields with subConfig property
  • DataDrivers: public access to the properties returned by .getInfo() method
  • Better control over data move (drag-n-drop): externalData property function receives the original data as a third parameter
  • moveSelection() method for Calendar and Colorboard
  • new methods in the webix.html helper module: removeStyle() and triggerEvent()
  • for data widgets, Calendar and Colorboard navigation settings is enabled by default
  • [pivot] "not equal" filter operation ("<>")
  • [spreadsheet] multiple sheets per widgets
  • [spreadsheet] conditional formatting
  • [spreadsheet] custom number formats
  • [spreadsheet] ribbon-like toolbar
  • [spreadsheet] named ranges
  • [spreadsheet] images and charts in the spreadsheet
  • [spreadsheet] configurable context menu
  • [spreadsheet] configurable top level menu
  • [spreadsheet] split-columns and split-rows functionality
  • [spreadsheet] extended math operations
  • [spreadsheet] links in the spreadsheet


  • hotkey fails for initially hidden elements
  • line-height in Datatable subviews
  • MultiCombo: do not show additional line if tagMode is disabled
  • updateItem (refresh) call on onChange event for ActiveContent elements
  • prevent from button action in readonly Counter
  • rendering value for combo in ActiveContent
  • autosizing for Dataview items
  • Suggest show selection after it is rendered
  • style of focused Select box
  • Organogram lines styling
  • issues with .addView() in isolated Layout
  • PDF viewer events (onAfterLoad, onPageRender) trigger in the correct time
  • Tree and TreeTable: adding items in closed branch
  • memory leaks for form controls
  • config.text for combo with rich html options
  • scroll in DataTable on Safari
  • prevent from "undefined" class in Calendar day css
  • dragColumn and onBeforeColumnDropOrder
  • dragscroll and topSplit
  • clearing "mousemove" timeout
  • collect options in built-in filters by ID not value
  • white background of paging animation removed
  • remove for TreeStore supports an array of IDs
  • tab navigation and disabled Richselect and controls based on it
  • Uploader sets status 'client' for file which uploading was aborted
  • DataTable frozen rows and drag-n-drop
  • "order" drag-n-drop in scrollable Tree and TreeTable
  • values of activeContent
  • destruct activeContent views on master destruction
  • Uploader check icon
  • [pivot] "count" calculation for folders
  • [pivot] header sorting
  • [filemanager] correction of borders for collapsed panel
  • [filemanager] refreshing cursor
  • [filemanager] search with "files" dyn loading
  • [filemanager] dynamic loading fix
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