Version 9.0

released on October 7, 2021

See also What's New of complex widgets:


  • Property sheet: input with type: "password" has an icon to mask/unmask the entered data
  • ability to stub empty cells during export to excel
  • new clear parameter to erase the current data before the new data are parsed or loaded


  • ie11 support for modalbox
  • Datatable: onAfterLoad fires twice during server side filtering
  • Datatable: setState with server-based filtering and sorting triggers multiple data requests
  • Export to excel ignores empty cells
  • Datatable: hover style is incorrectly applied during drag-n-drop of rows
  • Segmented: active button is visually indistinguishable from the others when the control is disabled
  • Datatable: correct export on export mode change
  • Datatable: header is not scrollable on mobile devices if prerender is set to true
  • Timeboard input displays 00.00 for 12.00 without AM/PM selector
  • Filter: onChange event is called in "user" mode when defining filter mode by API
  • Tooltip, Pager, Property Sheet: rendering template is duplicated in several view instances
  • Datatable: subviews do not render if widget is in layout
  • Submenu closes when scrolling its items
  • Datatable: regression with complex batches and header rendering
  • Datatable: area selection is lost when hiding and showing its columns
  • List: "move" and "order" drag-n-drop modes do not display drop area in dynamic mode
  • Datatable: hiding grouped columns with area selection applied to inner columns results in an error
  • Prompt modal box: pressing space inside of an input submits the value
  • Impossible to remove tooltip via the define() method
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