Version 9.4.x

This page contains the logs of minor releases between 9.4 and 10.0.

Version 9.4.8

PRO edition, released on October 27, 2022


  • datatable: excelFilter does not take values from the bound collections for comparison
  • datatable: regression with spans during print
  • clear icon is visible in inputs with readonly property
  • colorpicker clear icon in flat based skins
  • slider regression: disabled slider can be still interacted with
  • list: maxHeight is ignored by autoheight

Chat fixes

  • incorrect z-index of status markers

Diagram fixes

  • the right side is cut off with type: "rrect"

Spreadsheet fixes

  • incorrect rendering of select buttons
  • deleting and restoring a row (via undo) does not update cross-sheet cell references

Document Manager fixes

  • adding tags via config popup is not reflected in client-side data

Report Manager fixes

  • "empty report" case handling (text:"" throws errors)

Version 9.4.7

PRO edition, released on September 22, 2022


  • getSpan ignores hidden rows/cols

Gantt fixes

  • resources diagram: incorrect hour load for hour scale

Spreadsheet fixes

  • filtering hides rows that should remain visible
  • export to PDF: values disappear from spanned cells

Version 9.4.6

PRO edition, released on September 15, 2022

Breaking changes


  • onBeforeSort event does not send the ID of the column

Pivot Fixes

  • compact mode: errors after config editor is closed
  • complex math: fields/operations don't work well with regexp special symbols

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • print doesn't work when readonly:true
  • highlight for cells when cells with formulas is printed
  • hidden gridlines are rendered in spanned cells
  • undo does not work on hidden headers
  • cell formats are applied to styles
  • cell formats remain after copy-paste of cells was undone
  • copying multiple cells to multiple target rows results in copying only once

Version 9.4.5

PRO edition, released on September 1, 2022


  • Date editor: Esc key does not cancel editing
  • Treetable/datatable header with colspan has wrong tooltips
  • tabbar: cannot remove active tab

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • Inserting a new row manually cause an error
  • filter/dropdown and cell with "=FALSE()" value
  • text concatenation does not work with plus as the first element
  • Incorrect Filtering by columns containing formulas

Version 9.4.4

PRO edition, released on August 25, 2022


  • incorrect work of hotkeys with Korean as the input language
  • impossible to drag the first column of a colspans

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • filtering does not work with '0' in a column

Version 9.4.3

PRO edition, released on August 11, 2022


  • cut&paste doesn't work correctly when data is exported to excel
  • Tabbar: tabMinWidth is applied to tabs with strict sizes
  • Columns DnD: header colspans/grouping mishandled during drag-n-drop
  • Popup displays in wrong position on single click in datatable cell
  • onBeforeSort with sort:server doesn't prevent sorting
  • onBeforeSort can't prevent markSorting

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • price format: incorrect minus sign pos

Version 9.4.2

PRO edition, released on August 4, 2022


  • Datatable richselect editor closes when the user types to filter
  • Datatable editor: 'text' with Suggest list - an error when removing data
  • setBottomText on a focused checkbox results an error
  • Chart labels are misplaced when adding a chart to a not-rendered div
  • Area selection: removeSelectArea fails on an initially hidden table
  • Geochart can set column incorrectly in jet env
  • incorrect border styles during export of Datatable multiline header toExcel/PDF in Material/Mini

Version 9.4.1

PRO edition, released on July 21, 2022


  • Dragscroll does not allow expanding selection with drag-n-drop
  • Datatable: adjustRowHeight ignores spans
  • markInvalid with new text does not work
  • TreeTable adjustColumn() sets wrong width
  • Form values are not collected when form fields are included in Grid Layout
  • Multiselect with selectAll button: hover is positioned incorrectly
  • Multitext in accordion item: body is not sized properly on init
  • Treetable: export does not save correct styles when branches are collapsed
  • Calendar: stringResult is missing

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • Spreadsheet menu: Freeze/unfreeze rows don't work
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