Version 1.7

Breaking changes in API

datatable.locate method returns object with "row" and "column" properties, in the previous version result object has "row" and "col" properties, respectively

Default skin

Default skin changed to flat ( you still can use the old skin by using skins/air.css )
Compact skin changed to flat theme as well ( old one renamed to skins/aircompact.css )

Improvements in API

  • text sorting mode for datatable
  • autoheight property for "property" view
  • ability to edit math formulas in the datatable
  • "touch" mode for multiselect

Full list of changes and fixes

New functionality

  • "text" sorting mode for datatable
  • autoheight for "property" view
  • editMath option for datatable
  • keyPressTimeout option for the suggest
  • multiselect="touch" for all data components
  • new compact skin
  • placeholder for richselect and datepicker
  • touch-multiselect mode

Updated functionality

  • pager styling
  • placeholder for richselect and datepicker
  • folder codebase/imgs to codebase/fonts
  • datatable.locate returns different data structure
  • new skin based samples
  • tree and treetable can render hierarchy from db starting from any level
  • webix.message.keyboard disables all text input for modal boxes


  • adjustHeaders in case of colspans or rowspans
  • ajax error for destroyed views
  • combo autocomplete after moving focus to the different control
  • cssFormat adds garbage to css string
  • custom checkbox and custom radio clicks in iframes
  • customScroll in datatable and removeView
  • dataFeed works only with strings
  • dataprocessor with connector as proxy can send empty request to a server side
  • drag-n-drop in latest FireFox
  • export of treetable data to PDF and Excel
  • filter values lost after column resize
  • freezing when focus target can't be found
  • getChildViews in accordion
  • getItemNode in case of split
  • isDirty status and named buttons
  • layout resize fix (maxlength should be checked before its usage in object)
  • minHeight and inner content auto-sizing
  • multi-level form validation
  • native event absent in onDrop handlers
  • popup close delay is too big on desktop
  • refreshColumns doesn't work correctly without first parameter
  • regression in hierarchical data parsing from XML
  • removeView for named field in form
  • render calls for inputs in hidden views
  • rendering of hidden select and combo
  • rendering of layout with all cells hidden
  • resizing in form nested in accordion
  • richselect and combo in IE8
  • suggest box render self in case of empty suggest list
  • uploader demo
  • Web Fonts bug in Google Chrome
  • window positioning for windows with "move" property
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