Version 8.2

released on March 3, 2021

See also What's New of complex widgets:

New Features

  • ability to load resources and work with them in Gantt
  • ability to show critical path in Gantt
  • multi-sheet math in Spreadsheet
  • ability to edit multiple files in File Manager and Document Manager
  • ability to fine tune tabbar via the tabbarPopup property
  • the getColumns method to get an array of columns
  • ability to clear value of controls with input



  • multicombo: show value when options are loaded from server
  • memory leak in ColorSelect
  • disabling options in MultiCombo/MultiSelect
  • Multicombo allows deleting with Backspace key in readonly mode
  • Pie Charts: incorrect rendering if there is a non-numeric value in the data
  • filtering fails in Combo with dynamic loading of options
  • Combo with dataFeed cannot show a dropdown if data are loaded directly to the list
  • disabled state for ColorBoard, ColorSelector and Calendar
  • tooltip for Chart with series
  • Datatable: apply validation after checkbox editor was changed
  • bold styling is missing for toPDF export
  • long text in MultiCombo tags overflows the available space
  • unable to set corner colors in ColorSelect by API
  • SelectAll label is incorrect in some cases
  • Timeboard paddings are not reset when skin is changed
  • icon aligning
  • freeRow method moves items when pager is defined
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