Version 9.2

released on March 10, 2022

See also What's New of complex widgets:


  • Grouplist: setOpenState method is added
  • $onBlur handler for inputs is added
  • Gantt, Pivot: clearAll method
  • Gantt: reload method
  • SpreadSheet: better params for onRowOperation/onColumnOperation events
  • SpreadSheet: setting for improved big data parsing
  • Combo: ability to add new options via the input
  • SpreadSheet: a warning is displayed if there are unsupported values in data (null/undefined)


  • Problems with touch handlers on hybrid devices (Microsoft Surface or a laptop with touchscreen)
  • Context menu is destroyed when left arrow key is pressed
  • Datatable: updating the options of the multiselect editor does not update the generated template for the column
  • Datatable and Treetable: Interference of onItemClick and onItemDblClick
  • Diagram: touch problems
  • Diagram: regression with passing links as DataCollection results in error
  • Query: regressions with toolbar height and filter elements' width
  • SpreadSheet: values of conditional format can be duplicated from toolbar button
  • SpreadSheet: rowId column appears after a new column is added (via API or menu)
  • SpreadSheet: fixes for deleting rows and columns
  • SpreadSheet: issues with cell editor in compact version
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