Version 4.4

released on June 27, 2017

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

To avoid ambiguity, Google-map has been completely removed from the Components repository, but its advanced version stays in package and is available in both GPL and PRO editions. See the full Migration Guide.

New Features



  • changeId for top items in the Tree sometimes doesn't work
  • parsing date from %c format
  • using setColumnWidths against a hidden column in DataTable
  • %c options in date conversion break for dates with timezone info
  • webix.extend ignores false values
  • active content destruction from click handler
  • preventing extra click events in Uploader
  • selecting not loaded yet records in the Datatable
  • regression in dynamic loading during scrolling
  • Datatable onBefore/AfterUnSelect events fire only for CTRL+click unselecting
  • Datatable colspan in footer and columnGroup in header result in crash on collapsing
  • Multicombo getText returns empty data
  • Datatable with editMath: editor opens the formula only once
  • prevent from an attempt to locate item in a destructed view
  • Google-map: prevent from multiple including of api files into the document
  • Tooltip does not fit into screen size
  • Window with fixed header width
  • asynchronous data with richSelectFilter and column fillspace in Datatable
  • hidden series in Chart preserve active areas
  • soft clearAll for TreeStore and Google-map
  • Portlet inside Scrollview
  • animate:false in Carousel view
  • get formatted date for ExcelViewer instead of raw number
  • Datatable scroll position after hiding columns on touch devices
  • Datatable scroll with rowspan and leftsplit on touch devices
  • clearing Colorboard value does not work
  • check for readonly options in plain HTML input as suggest master
  • Datatable activeContent: calling locate() returns null
  • grouped columns In Datatable: expanding also triggers sorting in the first column
  • Form Input can display validation messages
  • locate dragged item over empty area
  • drag-n-drop fails when mouse leaves document body
  • loading subviews using Webix Jet menu on touch devices
  • incorrect auto-loading calls for datatable with custom row height
  • dynamic loading may ignore second call for the same data range
  • add tag when separator is entered in Multicombo input
  • deleting tags on Backspace in Multicombo
  • keepText property lets the data stay in input with newValues enabled in Multicombo
  • hide columns in a fully x-scrolled Datatable
  • i18n translation for Calendar and Richtext
  • toggle's ambiguity with string values
  • returning false from onBeforeLoad doesn't prevent loading data
  • encoding fix in CSV export
  • text controls should display numeric 0 value
  • regression in built-in editors on touch devices
  • Datatable subrows cause row rendering issue during scrolling
  • readonly Combo: keydown invokes a suggest popup
  • incorrect escape template in strict mode
  • overflow CSS for modal Window
  • Datatable shift+key multiselection fails in case of string row ids
  • text of header menu items for grouped columns in Datatable
  • bar-sparklines with origin lesser than values
  • correct scroll after column size changing in Datatable
  • remove space prefix for CSV export of hierarchical components
  • saving state for Datatable with fillspace
  • duplicate generation of the empty option for richSelectFilter with custom options
  • loadBranch method ignores url parameter
  • CSV export regression: the output file has two header lines
  • Sidemenu positioning: wrong padding value
  • call to a non-existent $init method in Select filter
  • style for editable Datepicker as a filter
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