Version 9.3

released on April 20, 2022

See also What's New of complex widgets:

New Features

  • Chat: ability to send emojis and add reactions
  • Spreadsheet: special paste - values, formulas, styles, formats
  • Spreadsheet: extra types for sparklines and charts
  • Spreadsheet: text indentation support
  • Spreadsheet: ability to show formulas instead of values in cells
  • Spreadsheet: handling text-decoration in loading/import/export
  • Spreadsheet: ability to type in toolbar selectors
  • Scheduler: ability to copy/paste events
  • Scheduler: ability to add events by dragging
  • Pivot: complex math editor
  • Pivot: ability to freeze and unfreeze columns via configuration
  • Pivot: area and bar chart types: horizontal and stacked
  • Pivot: ability to define columns(s) with totals for each value (table)
  • Report Manager: data buckets


  • Ability to configure the limit of "undo" operations
  • More font styles for export to PDF
  • New sparkline types
  • File Manager: folders are uploaded with original folder structure


  • Correct parsing of numbers
  • Pivot: incorrect group value for the complex operations
  • Spreadsheet: correct paste of excel numbers
  • Spreadsheet: printing sheets together with embedded charts, images and tables
  • Spreadsheet: issues with hidden and frozen columns
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