Version 10.2

released on October 9, 2023

See also What's New of complex widgets:

New Features

  • Chat: ability to send audio messages
  • Chat: ability to interact with bots
  • Pivot: calculated values can be rendered as rows instead of columns


  • SpreadSheet:improved math handling during copy-paste operations
  • SpreadSheet: math editor provides a list of available functions
  • SpreadSheet: formulas can return array results
  • SpreadSheet: math function search
  • Typescript definitions are improved


  • Pivot: custom templates don't work for items in the filter popup
  • SpreadSheet: incorrect handling of math operations in the math editor
  • SpreadSheet: handling of zooming hotkeys
  • incorrect height of multicombo with top label
  • incorrect export to excel for data with array-based formulas
  • selecting values from the list doesn't work for combo with data feed
  • incorrect rendering of bullet graphs in the firefox
  • calendar widget doesn't preserve correct date value in the timepicker mode
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